First-ever DuvetDenimTMrevealed at Kingpins Amsterdam among collection that weaves new capabilities into authentic denim spirit.

The company, known for innovations and experiments to develop more sustainable products and processes, is launching the new DuvetDenimTMat Kingpins Amsterdam. Denim made with fiber from bird feathers for enhanced insulation and an aesthetic nap character.

It's just one in a broad range of fashion denim fabrics for the Autumn-Winter 2018-19 season that US Denim is showcasing. Most demonstrate how tomorrow's technologies can deliver comfort, performance and sustainability benefits while channeling the greatest denim styles of the past.

“These are fabrics that denim fashion pioneers would have loved, but with comfort and performance that would shock them.”


Feathers are mostly beta-keratin protein strands already twisted and cross-linked. They're strong, water-resistant and long lasting, providing great insulation.

Down feathers are fluffy because they don't have the little hooks at the end of all their branches that exterior feathers have. The down feather branches float free, trapping air to give more insulation.

Millions of tons of poultry feathers are plucked every year, and most end up in landfills, where they decompose very slowly.